Investment-Greece-5 Star Hotel Development

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Happy new year to all from Greece and ZEnterprises Group.  Now that Christmas Holidays season is done, many people return to “doing business as usual” and seeking for investment opportunities that make sense in Greece.

By far one of the most promising-profitable investments is in the Travel industry in Greece and the Greek islands.  In the island of Skiathos we would like to present the Evreni Resort project!


Evreni Resort project stands on 48000 of land facing / touching the Aegean Sea.  By "forest office" permit, approximately 21800 are available for development.  The distinguishing point for this point is that all legalities have been handled by the current owners and building permits are on hand, allowing for developement to commence immediately with no delays.

The construction plans call for the development of a 5-star hotel (approximately 120 rooms) "touching" the Diamandi Beach (diamond beach)!

The land is located in the eastern side of Skiathos, at the Kalamaki peninsula facing the island of Evoia.  Access to the location is easy both by car as well as by boat/sea.


We invite you to contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly at +306994402464 or +447418426861 to get more infromation about the investment project, or to arrange a site tour.

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We are happy to inform you that ZEnterprises Group is changing into AFGroup; after approximately 9 years we are ready to adapt to the new needs of our guests and customers.  We look forward to welcoming everyone and invite you to familiarize yourselves with the new services that will be added.


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